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I field so many questions where people ask me for advice on a wide range of topics related to crypto and how to get started. I’ve had the privilege of appearing on several Podcasts recently that are great resources! You can get an entire crypto education just from listening to free Podcasts.

#233: How much do you know about cryptocurrencies and NFTs? With more people buying cryptos, it is easy to get seduced by the potentially enormous gains this market offers. But, like any other investment opportunity, you need to research and understand cryptos so you can make better investment decisions. As an investor, you need to be prepared for risks and volatility.

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Josh shares his story of reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and starting his investing journey buying his first house before the housing market crash of 2008. We also dove deep into the crypto world and discuss digital assets as well as how Josh is leveraging his crypto to buy more real estate. This is a truly thought provoking conversation and I am excited to share as I too learned so much from our discussion.

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Cryptocurrency has the fastest adoption rate of any form of currency in the history of currency. But, only 10% of the entire population has invested in. Meaning 90% of people know nothing or close to nothing about it. My guest today wants to change that. Josh Rhodes, the owner of Crypto Y’all wants everyone to feel comfortable investing in cryptocurrency. On the show he breaks down the 3 types of cryptocurrency strategies that anyone can understand; appreciation, leverage and cash flow.

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This episode of the Live Better Seller Better Podcast features Josh Rhodes, Founder of Crypto Ya'll. Depending on the channels we read, cryptocurrency is either the future that allows you to produce generational wealth or a scam that will make you lose your money. Josh shares insights into both perspectives and how we can use this knowledge if we ever decide to invest in cryptocurrencies. He sheds some light on the different types of assets one can trade or invest in for short or long-term. He also shares a few ways to secure your investments, mitigate risk, and profit from them.

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