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Issue #026 Crypto Y’all Investor Report

Oct 09, 2022

Investor Report
Issue #026
October 6, 2022
Crypto Y'all Investor Report
Eye-Popping Crypto News!
Mastercard Announced a New Crypto Service Called ‘Crypto Secure’
The new platform will allow card users to better understand the risks when purchasing cryptocurrencies. The design serves to bring more security and trust to the digital ecosystem.
Monuments of the World are Now Being Preserved as NFTs
Through a combination of digital technology that includes blockchain, 3D imaging, and generative art, the Monuverse is putting global monuments into digital reality for preservation.
Starbucks Leading the Way on Bringing Web3 Into the Mainstream
Web3 adoption has definitely grown over the last few years but, for most companies, the functionality just doesn't match Web2 and many don't even know where to begin. Starbucks Odyssey (NFT-based reward program) brings us a step closer to integrating crypto in our everyday world.
Country Simple Crypto: What’s Happening in the Market…Analysis, Tips, and Insights.
  • All eyes are on the DXY. We need to see the strength of the US dollar globally decline so we can see crypto prices go up.
  • The Federal Reserve continues to talk hawkishly while other global banks are starting to pivot. The Bank of England and the The Bank of Australia have reinstated some level of quantitative easing or backing off rate hikes.
  • Unless we see a drastic pivot from The Fed we will likely see at least one more strong correction in prices this year but overall have a bullish Q4 with potential for a strong Christmas rally.
  • TIP OF THE WEEK: Only invest what you can afford to lose and always have a time horizon assigned to the capital you’re investing. Think through when you need that capital back and how important it is. Crypto is volatile but also the highest performing asset class if you time it right.
Coin Research Report - Polygon (MATIC)
Polygon (MATIC) is both a cryptocurrency and blockchain scaling platform. It connects and grows Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks enabling developers to build scalable dApps with low transaction fees. Basically, it makes Ethereum accessible for all...without scalability issues.

Using Polygon, users can interact with any decentralized application (DApp) without ever having to worry about network congestion.

To cut Ethereum gas costs, scaling solutions like Polygon process transactions on side chains. Polygon has the potential to handle up to 65,000 transactions per second, whereas Ethereum can process only up to roughly 17 transactions per second.

Polygon's cryptocurrency, called MATIC, is used to pay fees on the Polygon network. You can use these for staking and for governance (which means that MATIC holders get to vote on changes to Polygon). You can also buy and sell MATIC via Coinbase and other exchanges.
How To Conquer The Crypto Markets with 10X Gains (WITHOUT Day Trading, Following Charts or Losing Hard Earned Investment Dollars)
What does a premium membership include?
✔️    Altcoin Pick (copy our portfolio!)
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